Server upgrade from Debian 8 to Debian 9 now complete

Information to #hubizens of #Upgrade from Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 to 9.5 now complete and all services are up-and-running. There was a downtime of slightly under 5 minutes. If you notice something not working send email to ‘services (at)’
Preparing Debian 8 -> Debian 9 upgrade of the server running

Information for #hubizens of Made backups and snapshot of the system disk. Preparing to #upgrade the server from #Debian 8.11 to 9.5. There will be some downtime (at least for a reboot for the newer kernel). Server uptime now: 355 days. Debian FTW!
Hub now upgraded to latest version

Information to #hubizens of Hub upgraded to version 3.6.1 and the photo uploading is now working.
This is how I did it:
1. git remote -v
2. git remote set-url origin
3. git pull
4. move the old extend/addon/hzaddons out of the way
5. util/add_addon_repo hzaddons
Installed a wildcard certificate for *

Information to users of Today I installed a wildcard cert * using and DNS API to authenticate. The certificate is automatically renewed without any downtime now as webroot is not needed to renew.
Uploads not working on

Something somewhere is slightly wrong (and it is probably my fault). I'm trying to fix the issue.
Picture of Juho Kunsola, Founder of (2002) and (2012)

Problem with

Unfortunately for a longer time now has been slightly misconfigured: when the cronjob to poll changes runs it warns that it fails to open /var/www/hubzilla//store/[data]/smarty3. I have searched extensively to find information where it gets that duplicate slash 'hubzilla//store' but without luck. Now I have opened a ticket and lets hope someone has an answer

Once this issue has been resolved I will upgrade the Hubzilla to the latest stable (though there are next to none advice on how to go about the upgrade process). Possible complication may be the fact that Hubzilla codebase has moved from Github to, but lets see how it goes.
Upgraded this Hubzilla and the 3 other free social media

Today I took snapshot of the system disk. Made, verified and distributed backups of both production machines, and upgraded all 4 free social medias to latest stable version
Made backups and upgraded the services to latest stable branch.
Information to #Hubizens of Upgraded this Hubzilla to latest production release version i.e. 2.2. Please report if you notice anything broken weirded out.
Information to #Hubizens of Running pre-upgrade (GNU social) snapshotting and backups of all static files and databases
Run, verified and distributed backups of all services' databases and static files today. Now running snapshot of this machine.
Site TLS certificate valid till Tuesday March 6.
Looks like the cert is going out of validity at 15:04:00 UTC Thu, 05 Jan 2017 (today).
I’m on it after I get some coffee in my system. I should look into getting the automation working to avoid this manual hassle.
Consumerium finally has a real blog

Consumerium has a (real) blog @ instead of “play-pretend” “blog” inwiki like since 2003
Certs renewed till January

I didn't manage to get the fullauto to work but at least the #consumium #free #social #media are up-and-running for 3 more months
Yeah. The Hubzilla is up-and-migrated now but I need get my private channel and the effort channel under the same login, unlike it is now (2 email addresses) as didn't see that one login does it all. I'd imagine one way to achieve this would be to export the Consum(er)ium channel to another #hub and back, this time to my main login account so I don't need to keep switching back and forth with problems of information not flowing as fluently to all concerned.
Right now I'm using 2 different browsers to work around this isssue. It might be more prudent to export-import the accounts instead of this current arrangement. Expect more activity anyways.
Whether crontab is working correctly now is not clear at the moment. Also the mail subsystem is not yet installed. I prlly gonna use postfix with default settings and rely on the firewall blocking any attempts to relay SMTP traffic.
And welcoming #hubizens of to the new blazing fast server in hyper-connected Netherlands.