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Slight problems with other services  #diaspora is down, unknown update thing.  #MediaWiki down (backup ok).

Hosting guys alerted via email because their DNS UI is down, so the most likely point of damage for the latter one is that their DNS <-> WebUI glue broke.
Diaspora* is down for a little while

There are some unanticipated problems in the -> upgrade of the #diaspora #pod
#Trans #social #media #poll calling #podizens, #hubizens, #friendica #friends, #gnusocialists.

Others than just * freedomists are also invited to participate. I will tally both results within their group. “Locals” and “Rest of federated free social media” should do it.

1. What would you like to prioritize more and what less in the stuff to get working in the free social media scene in larger or in Consumium free social media?
2. What additional free software / open standards / open data people would like to see Consumium services (ja ist me, basically) try to bring up? See for ideas.
Made and verified database backups

Made and verified backups of the databases of the production servers a couple of days ago.
Finally fixed the landing page

Good news is that the landing page now finally mentions the very nice Friendica network and also our very own GNU MediaGoblin instance. I hear from the Internets that the GMG federation is coming real soon and should be quite good. I am actively propagating in freenode that we should get all of the following channels talking: #diaspora #mediagoblin #social #hubzilla and #friendica. I think it would be awesome if d* kept its way of zealously protecting the images from unwanted access while allowing a checkbox that says “Publish in GNU MediaGoblin instead of diaspora*”. This way you could post pics visible and linkable to the Internet from within d*.
Oxfam infographic shows how 10 companies dominate the supermarket shelves

Consum(er)ium freesome in HubzillaConsum(er)ium freesome in Hubzilla wrote the following post Sat, 23 Jul 2016 20:06:48 +0200
Oxfam infographic shows how 10 companies dominate the supermarket shelves
New certs from now up-and-running

Information to #hubizens of #hub: new certificates from now on-line for all services and valid till October.
The renewal automation is slightly broken now but I'll fix it in time.
Awesome topically arranged list of "host it at your hosting provider" software. Collectively compiled in github.

Jeroen van Riet PaapJeroen van Riet Paap wrote the following post Mon, 04 Jul 2016 00:54:13 +0200
Great list and yes we are in there.


awesome-selfhosted - This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications inste...

#selfhosted #opensource successfully upgraded

'git pull'


'util/update_addon_repo hzaddons'

were all that was needed
I am working on a #social #media study that will probably be made into a #report with LibreOffice or some other libre software. Also more at
Apotheker Juboxi's Wall of Random Answers and more updated his cover photo

"With God you don't need to fear. You know he caught you and he will always catch you and you thank and praise him for revealing that to you." ~ Apotheker Jubohi on fi."Kiinnijäämisen pelko" == en."The fear of getting caught"-graffiti in Old Kännelmäki
We should totally have an improved system of #tags in the #free #social #media and #commercial #socialmedia

#N S F W exists already and it means “not safe for work”. Is probably pornographic but I’ve never hit the “show” content for one of these in #diaspora* #free #social #media #pod

Obvious new ones are:

#NSFV ( not safe for vegetarians, user can choose to never see posts of meat foods )
#NSFH ( not suitable for humans… what can I say… Is basically 4chad /r/ and beyond…)

#tags #tagging #customizable #socialmedia #design #stream of #serviceinnovation keep on flowing.

This is also applicable to the #commercial #social #media such as Tsū which is my clear favourite of the bunch. I'm there and you are welcome to join and yell at me that "TIS ALL A NETWORK MARKETING SCAM!!" and this Apotheker will respond "What ain't? today" and still be accumulating money to buy that #pizza due to the #ingenious and #ethical #revenuesharing scheme.
Tsū is your practical more ethical drop-in replacement for Facebook. Revenue is shared with the people who create the content that is served and not just for Sugarmountainlandia Corporation. Also appears to protect your content better. I'm there drop me a line if you want an invite.
Yup. Is back and safe with regular backups by hosting guys + snapshot + dumps from the #MariaDB manually
Attention #hubizens of database will be frozen and transferred to new server when the DNS propagation has gone through and there will be outage of some duration while I restore service to the new blazing fast server. GNU social is now migrated to the new machine in hyper-connected Netherlands.

The kind people of are giving me 2 servers for the price of one for the duration of one month to enable me to migrate without getting double billed. Moving stuff between 2 SSD disk using servers in the same network I saw biggest scp speed I’ve ever seen: 101 MB / s sustained, cold clockkin’ in their 40Gbit/s network
Ok thanks It is nice to know there is -50% cheaper alternative to I like the Netherlands hosting guys.. Not the cheapest but it really works well and the control panel has lots of features. Like a GUI just in case you don't like cli
Hi thanks possible can be good . But for clear reasons (French Law is better about privacy and data protection)  I prefer Hubzilla in French Territory.

I find Scaleway is real nice and good price and is a open source project all Blablanet domains move this week front the provisional emergency server in the USA after OVH fiasco and now are in Scaleway
Yep. I'm totally keeping all Consumerium consumer empowerment effort production servers in Finland.
The Consumium free social medias do not pose jurisdiction issues like the Consumerium does.